Leaving a Legacy

Back in my corporate days, I worked for a major electric and natural gas supplier. As with many major corporations during my time there, the corporation was focusing intently on stockholder’s return on investment. Earnings per share goals were huge, and the corporation made it well known to employees what each year’s goal was. To … More Leaving a Legacy

Train Up a Child

“I demand an answer, and an honest one at that!” I remember saying those words to my son on at least one occasion. And, there were other times that he heard something similar from me. As a parent we have an awesome responsibility to raise up our children so that they become decent, caring individuals … More Train Up a Child

The Source

I mentioned recently that I am studying the Old Testament book of Job. In the midst of all the suffering, discussion, accusations, and discourse there’s an interlude of sorts that happens in Chapter 28. Job suffers devastating losses of all of his wealth, his holdings, and his family all in one day. Then Job loses … More The Source