Child of God

When my son was young, around the age of three, one of the best parts of my day would be when I got home from work. My son would be waiting by the door, and when he saw me he got so excited. He would smile, he would wave, he even would jump up and … More Child of God

Feed My Sheep

In Northern Alabama there is a little town called Falkville, the 2010 census reports that this little place has a population of under 1,300 people. Yet, mighty things are taking place in this little town that most people have not heard of. That’s where our friend has a ministry that started out from the hearts … More Feed My Sheep


I once knew someone that was involved in the ministry. I was actually pleasantly surprised when this person decided to go into ministry work. That was because although this person was brought up in a Christian church, they rarely talked about their faith, and often, in my viewpoint, they didn’t quite exhibit behavior that indicated … More Discernment

Speak to Me

I spent over 25 years working in various Corporate and non-profit entities doing marketing/public relations, and executing internal and external communications. So, suffice it to say that communicating is very, very important to me. And, when you think about it, communications are important to you also. How can you know what someone else thinks, needs, … More Speak to Me

Train Up a Child

“I demand an answer, and an honest one at that!” I remember saying those words to my son on at least one occasion. And, there were other times that he heard something similar from me. As a parent we have an awesome responsibility to raise up our children so that they become decent, caring individuals … More Train Up a Child

The Source

I mentioned recently that I am studying the Old Testament book of Job. In the midst of all the suffering, discussion, accusations, and discourse there’s an interlude of sorts that happens in Chapter 28. Job suffers devastating losses of all of his wealth, his holdings, and his family all in one day. Then Job loses … More The Source

The God of Peace

Peace. Shalom. Friede. Irini. Paz. Paix. Siochain. Heiwa. Vrede. Pokoj. Mir. Pace. Dohiyi. Peace – the absence of conflict. Peace is a concept that is pretty much understood all over the world, no matter which language you use to say the word. I believe that we each have a innate need to experience mutual harmony … More The God of Peace