Worship the Lord

For the early part of my life I was pretty much unchurched. I knew about God, primarily because my parents invoked pulling out the Bible and making us put our hands on top of it and swearing upon it that we did not perpetuate whatever wrong that had occurred in the household. I know for … More Worship the Lord

Leaving a Legacy

Back in my corporate days, I worked for a major electric and natural gas supplier. As with many major corporations during my time there, the corporation was focusing intently on stockholder’s return on investment. Earnings per share goals were huge, and the corporation made it well known to employees what each year’s goal was. To … More Leaving a Legacy


When I turned into a teenager, several things happened. Teenage life was all about me, and in my eyes, my parents were far removed from “the real world.” After all, it was eons ago when they were young, they could never understand what I was thinking and facing in my world. I became obsessed with … More Prepare

Come Back to Me

It is 1972 when young Richard Collier is celebrating the success of the opening night of his play. At the party, Richard is approached by an old lady who presses a pocket watch into his hand and mysteriously says “Come back to me.” That same evening the woman returns to her residence and dies. Fast … More Come Back to Me


I love adventure, at least my idea of adventure that is. I’ve never been the most athletic of people, at times I’m uncoordinated. I have gained a new nickname in the past few years “The Queen of Spill.” And, I have to say that I am quite good at living up to that name. I … More Adventures

Re: God’s Love

In the realm of writing, it’s common practice to use abbreviations, that is, a shortened form of a word that represents the complete word. I know that there are plenty of bloggers/writers out there that are “word nerds,” and spend a considerable amount of time researching and understanding words. In my world I didn’t think … More Re: God’s Love

Caught in a Whirlwind

Many of you know that we drive a big rig delivering Broadway shows across our nation. As such most of our time is out traversing the roads. Daily we encounter situations that most commuters don’t. High traffic areas, overcrowded freeways, lineups for toll booths, accident scenes, etc. Knowing about road and weather conditions is vital … More Caught in a Whirlwind

Happily Ever After

Love – pure love – is a hotly sought after goal for most people. When I was a child, I dreamed of meeting my perfect “Prince Charming,” that fairy tale love who rode in like a knight in perfectly polished, gleaming armor riding in to swoop me up and on to the back of his … More Happily Ever After