Attitude of Gratitude

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States. Here in America it is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It’s a day set aside to recognize the many abundant blessings showered upon us by our Heavenly Father. The very first Thanksgiving day was a festival held in by Pilgrims in the year 1621 to … More Attitude of Gratitude

Plowing the Field

Like his father before him, at one point of his life my Grandfather was a farmer. He told farming stories about his relatives that came before him. He spoke about how land that was deemed worthless for farming, because it had a swamp on it, was transformed by a rather determined Uncle of his. He … More Plowing the Field

Smooth Sailing

Most likely I am an anomaly. I’ve only been sailing once in my life, and I didn’t like it. I was a teenager at the time, visiting relatives in Canada. We set out on a large salt water lake, in my Uncle’s rather nice, well-kept sailboat. It wasn’t tiny, but it wasn’t real large either … More Smooth Sailing

I Am the Storm

It’s inevitable, if you’ve ever ventured outside in your life, you’ve most likely either seen a storm or have actually been in one. For us, in our line of work, nearly continuous traversing the roads of the USA ensures that we experience storms. Rain storms, thunder storms, wind storms, snow storms, and even blizzards are … More I Am the Storm

I Am Third

Many of you know that my husband pretty much live our lives out on the road. We drive a big rig and we deliver Broadway shows all over the USA. Sometimes, we cook in the truck using a slow cooker and a microwave, but mostly we eat out. We try to eat healthy, and often … More I Am Third

Inspect the City

This feeble mind needs all the help that it can get! So when I read my Bible, I like to do a little research on what I am reading. I love to use study Bibles, and I consult a variety of Bible commentaries. To do so has enriched and expanded my understanding of these treasured … More Inspect the City