God is Good

Lysa TerKeurst said that she uses what she calls the “three filters of truths” to process her life events: 1. God is good. 2. God is good to me. 3. God is good at being God. I like her perspective on channeling things through these three filters, especially when things don’t go as I plan. … More God is Good

Sunshine Blogger Award

Things have been a little hectic lately and I’ve been away from reading some of my favorite blogs. Imagine my surprise when I found this nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award from Gail Loves God, check out her blog, she writes some really great poetry. Thanks for nominating me Gail, I know that there’s quite … More Sunshine Blogger Award

God Can’t Fill My Cup When All I’m Holding is a Sieve

Lately I have been a bit overwhelmed, and a few mornings ago when I should have been sleeping, instead I was awake with my mind pondering the phrase “too much of a good thing.” I came into this situation gradually, but also somewhat quickly, since the middle of December. For years I had rather haphazardly … More God Can’t Fill My Cup When All I’m Holding is a Sieve

Speak the Truth in Love

Sometimes my mouth gets me into trouble. Well not really sometimes, but often my mouth get’s me into trouble – there, I’ve said it. You would think that for someone who had a career in marketing, public relations, and strategic communications that I would be able to sound rather diplomatic when expressing myself verbally. But, … More Speak the Truth in Love

Trust but Verify

Most Christians have heard of proverbs, since we have a book called Proverbs in our Old Testament. There are also proverbs that we hear in life, and as such you won’t find them in the Bible. Dictionary.com defines the word proverbs as: “a short popular saying, usually of unknown and ancient origin, that expresses effectively … More Trust but Verify

Wise Advisor

Way back when I attended college I had certain courses that I had to take for my undergrad degree in business administration. I had to take two courses in Economics (microeconomics and macroeconomics) to satisfy the requirements for my degree. Economics was not my field of study, but I needed to have a certain basic … More Wise Advisor