Wishy Washy

When my son was learning to read in school, he brought home a book entitled Mrs. Wishy-Washy. I remember him delightfully reading the book out loud to me in the living room of our home. Three farm friends, the cow, the pig, and the duck are playing in the mud, “Oh lovely mud” they exclaim, … More Wishy Washy


“No, Mommy! I can do it. I want to do it my way,” my defiant son said to me, followed with: “I can’t wait to grow up, so that no one can tell me what to do!” In some form or another, I heard similar statements from him over the years. I had a strong-willed … More Strong-Willed

Blaze a Trail

I spotted one on the kitchen counter, killed it and cleaned up the area. The next day there were more. Ants had invaded my home. I couldn’t determine just how they got into the house, but they were there. Day after day, I spotted those determined little creatures looking for a meal all headed to … More Blaze a Trail

Merit Badges

Like many young boys, my son was part of the Cub Scouts. Compared to the other boys in his “pack,” he joined the Scouts late – while he was in third grade. I soon discovered that it was one of the best things I ever let my son do. Dear friends of mine were his … More Merit Badges

Me, Myself, and I

When I was just a young kiddo and attending one of the numerous pity parties I held for myself, my Dad would invariably work in the phrase “me, myself, and I” somewhere into the conversation whilst comforting me. He wanted to teach me that despite however much I wanted it to be, life did not … More Me, Myself, and I

The Original

My brother Scott had a rather large painting that was prominently displayed in his living room. Like most of the artwork that hung in his home it was of the impressionist style. Works by impressionist artists feature rather ordinary subject matter, accurate light depiction, and subject movement. I too enjoy the works created by impressionist … More The Original