I’m Building a House

My father was an extremely hard-working man who loved his family with all that he had. He honored his parents. He took pride in his work and his home. And, he was always working around our home when I was a child. Whenever I would come outside in the summertime, I would always find my father working away on something. Popping out of the back door and onto our patio, I would encounter my father cleaning the lawnmower, or varnishing our benches, or any of the seemingly thousand of things that he did around our home. I would run up to him and say, “Hi Daddy, what are you doing?” And, no matter what he was doing, the answer was always the same, “I’m building a house.”

Watching my father work, and eventually working alongside my father as I got a little older taught me many things. Hard work is good for you. Measure twice, cut once. Start with the basics and build upon them. Finish what you start. You reap what you sow. Be kind to others. You need to earn your own way. Don’t blame others for your choices or mistakes. Take care of what you have. We all are the same. The size of your bank account doesn’t define you. No matter what position you hold in life, do a great job. You accomplish nothing by putting things off.

My father laid the foundation for what shaped and defined me. My father taught me well. My father was a great man, maybe not successful in the eyes of the world, but to me, although he was human, he was Superman.

A foundation is extremely important. When building a house, I believe that the foundation is probably the single most important part. The slightest mistake in your foundation can and will cause disastrous results. Your walls will not be square, your roof will not have the right pitch, floors may be uneven or sag. Your home will not be sound.

A few months ago, I ran across this Bible verse “If you are not firm in faith, you will not be firm at all.'” (Isaiah 7:9b, ESV) I found the verse to be profound. To me, it’s a verse about my foundation as a Christian. All I do as a Christian stems from my faith in God, my faith in Christ, and my devotion to God. If I am wishy washy about my faith, if I don’t keep my lifeline to God intact, if I don’t spend time in God’s Word, or in prayer, or in devotion, I’m undermining my foundation. And if my foundation is not firm, not square, not plumb, just like a poorly built home, I will crumble.

Faith is my foundation, my bedrock, my base, my groundwork, my infrastructure. If I am not firm in my faith, then indeed I won’t be firm at all. Or, as the NIV puts it: “If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.”

What am I doing? In my Dad’s words, I’m building a house. I’m standing on a firm foundation of faith. How about you?

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