Leaving a Legacy

Back in my corporate days, I worked for a major electric and natural gas supplier. As with many major corporations during my time there, the corporation was focusing intently on stockholder’s return on investment. Earnings per share goals were huge, and the corporation made it well known to employees what each year’s goal was. To fail to reach the earnings per share goal was to spell doom for the company. If the company could not raise the rates to bring the investors what they wanted, then they had to find ways to increase earnings per share along other paths. One such method was to re-examine the ways that they conducted business. In came the corporate consulting experts, and pretty much everything was scrutinized. In the end cost reductions were instituted, pressure was applied to suppliers to reduce their fees, training was conducted, and ultimately the downsizing was implemented. As a credit to upper management, they conducted themselves with integrity and sensitivity to the issue of downsizing. After extensive analysis, all the employees were told of the downsizing goal. Employees within each department were told just how many positions would remain after the process was complete. They offered attractive buy-out packages as an incentive to employees. They gave ample time for the entire workforce to examine the buy-outs and to make decisions. If not enough employees volunteered to leave, then layoffs would have to take place. Many people, including myself, took the company up on the buy-out packages. I loved working at that company, it was the best position that I had during my corporate tenure. But, I also longed to experience other things, and to live in a different area of the country, leaving appealed to my sense of adventure. Before I left the company, they asked me for my input, they asked me to share the knowledge that I learned along the way – I think that they referred to it as knowledge capture, or perhaps knowledge transfer. It was a way for the many professional people, who were leaving the company after many, many years of experience to leave behind those things that they learned, those things that would help others who followed behind them. Smart, so very smart. Yes, knowledge and experience walked out that door, but thanks to the insight that the company had, there was a significant amount of knowledge that was also captured, thus helping others to be successful.

Our lives stand for something. Each individual person who occupies this earth, what they do, what they say, and how they live says something important about who they are and what they believe. We all have something to learn from others, and we all have something to impart to others. To me it’s our duty to gather together and impart our “knowledge capture,” so that the others who come along after us, have that legacy to draw upon.

I am certainly not fool enough to believe that my life, or my knowledge is a equal to some of the greatest geniuses in history. I’m no great mind, and I am certainly no scholar. My sphere of influence is small. But within my sphere of influence, I have things that I can share. Experiences that shaped me. Observations that I make. Things that impressed me. Opinions upon which you may wholeheartedly agree, and those which will have you thinking at the opposite end my reasoning.

Over the past year, I’ve been sharing my my impressions, my thoughts, my triumphs, and more importantly my failings in a public way. I know that I am deeply flawed, and I am first to bring it up. My journal, the source for my blog, show the struggles that I face daily as I walk through this life. But more so, these reflections show how in each and every instance, in each an every failure, in each in every frailty that I have, just how important that the love of Jesus, my Savior works through my life. God draws these reflections out of the depth of my experiences – the good, the bad, the awful, the devastating, the joyful, the tragic – and urges me to write and share those instances of just how much He esteems me. Some may think that it’s a vain attempt on my part to garner attention, however I prefer to look at it as a treasure trove of His redemption. Perhaps someone, somewhere will be touched by the reflections that God has me write. That’s up to Him, not me. It’s something that I can leave behind, it’s a legacy for others.

What is your legacy?

Psalm 78:4-5 NLT

We will not hide these truths from our children;

we will tell the next generation

about the glorious deeds of the Lord,

about his power and his mighty wonders.

For he issued his laws to Jacob;

he gave his instructions to Israel.

He commanded our ancestors

to teach them to their children,

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