I love adventure, at least my idea of adventure that is. I’ve never been the most athletic of people, at times I’m uncoordinated. I have gained a new nickname in the past few years “The Queen of Spill.” And, I have to say that I am quite good at living up to that name. I tried downhill skiing at one point and was horrible at it, I hung up the skis shortly after I found myself going backwards down the hill and could not figure out how to stop myself. As a teenager I wanted to be graceful, so I decided to take up ballet, I got confirmation that ballet wasn’t for me after my instructor pulled me to the side and said “I strongly suggest that you take up something else.” Don’t even get me started on basketball, baseball, volleyball, and the like – I was equally terrible at each of those also. And, with a testy lower back, a knee that gets a bit grumpy now and then, and a disc replacement in my neck, this old house is not up for things such as mountain climbing. So I look for adventure in other ways.

I’ve been out on the road with my wonderful husband for three and a half years now. Pretty much everyday we see something new. I find our line of work extremely interesting, and I’m always looking for the next new thing to discover in our travels. When I first made the decision to walk away from the corporate world, seemingly throwing caution to the wind, as you can imagine, I received quite a bit of input from others. A few of those comments were encouraging, but for the most part I was on the unsolicited end of comments such as “I give you three months, and you’ll want out of the truck.,” and a chastisement of unbelief from one person that said “You’re leaving [insert name of prominent, prestigious place to work] to go out in a truck?” (Place an unbelievably disapproving emphasis of distain on the word “truck”) But, leave it I did. And, to this day I do not regret doing so.

This traveling around appeals to that sense of adventure that is innate to my nature. I have the best guide of all, my wonderful husband, who possesses thirty years of road knowledge. Together, along with our ever present internet, we are keen on learning and discovering new, and sometimes even quirky places/things about our big, beautiful country. Often times we are traveling as a “bobtail,” meaning that we move about without a trailer attached to the back of us. And, when we are bobtail, we can get into quite a bit of places that people like to visit, and a few places that not very many people have heard of. Our truck has taken us to the four corners of the USA (the only place in the USA where you can physically be in four states at once), through the Saguaro National Park, past the Golf Ball House, stopped for a visit at Hole ‘N the Rock (a home made in the rock), Balboa Park, Casa de Fruta, Plymouth Rock, Old Idaho State Penitentiary, and since we haul Broadway plays, we’re frequently in New York City, and other major venues across the nation.

We do get home occasionally, and after about three days, I am “itching” to get back out on the road. After all, new adventures await. I guess the word wanderlust fits my lifestyle. Like the Israelites, I am prone to wander. Only, I’m wandering on purpose. My view of life has changed substantially while traveling about. When I lived and worked in the corporate world, I was confined to a specific geographic area, and my sight was myopic. I saw the same people, the same stretch of the road, the same scenery, the same house. I was immersed in everything familiar, and in the routine of everyday living. What I focused upon was commonplace to me and easy for me to dismiss. And, that of course, lead my mind to wonder, or flit from things to things, and although I don’t want to admit this – that included my view of, and my relationship with, God. I was too distracted to pay attention to God, trying to fill up my life with things that I thought would fill up my soul. Little by little God slipped to the back burner. I guess that perhaps I thought God also was commonplace.

That view of the world changed substantially when I hit the road. Here in the USA the geography is so diverse, and when you travel across the nation via the roads, you really begin to appreciate the beauty of the country. To be able to witness such diversity in the geography of my nation, from the coastal plains, to the gentle hills, to the prairie, to the Rocky Mountains, and all other natural wonders contained within is a distinct benefit to our lifestyle. And through this daily wandering I find myself growing ever closer to God.

I believe that God helps to orchestrate events or our life circumstances to bring us closer to Him. And for me, it was through His gracious provision of changing my rather monotonous daily view from a corporate cubicle of a tall office building to a vast wide windshield of a big rig rolling through this country that brought me into a greater appreciation, and an enhanced relationship, with Elohim, God the Creator. Only God could create such diversity and beauty, the simple and the complex, all working together to sustain life.

In actuality, it doesn’t have to take drastically altering your life to see God’s creation and appreciate all that He’s done. It’s there for everyone to see and experience no matter where you dwell. But, in my case that’s what He did. And, each and everyday, I thank God for this glorious glimpse that I get to have of His mighty creation. I thank Him for removing those things that caused my mind to wander away from Him, and I’m especially delighted that He did so in such a enjoyable and rewarding way.

Only God!

“He holds in his hands the depths of the earth and the mightiest mountains. The sea belongs to him, for he made it. His hands formed the dry land, too.” (Psalm 95:4-5 NLT)

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