Re: God’s Love

In the realm of writing, it’s common practice to use abbreviations, that is, a shortened form of a word that represents the complete word. I know that there are plenty of bloggers/writers out there that are “word nerds,” and spend a considerable amount of time researching and understanding words. In my world I didn’t think that I spent much time pondering the meaning of words, and their sometimes corresponding abbreviations. But, now I catch myself looking for words that appeal to me, that say just the right thing for whatever circumstance that I have running through my mind. Maybe, I too am morphing into a “word nerd?”

For some reason I like pick up on patterns of words and my brain will return and refocus on points that others are making when I perceive a pattern of word usage. That happened to me today while reading a reflection to Hosea 11. The author, Katy McCown talked about God’s Love, His pure agape love.

“God’s love remains when we run away.”

“God’s love receives us when we repent and return.”

“God’s love restores us when we run dry.”

Remains – Receives – Restores

My brain focused on the “Re” of each of those action words. And then, since the abbreviation “re:” is used in place of regards, my brain went right to how each of those “re” words that Katy used says something regarding God and His love. I played the pattern over and over in my mind, until I felt that it needed further examination. Just how many other “re” words could I find that work to expound on God’s agape love?

Readies – God’s love readies us to do His will, and walk in His ways

Realizes – God’s love realizes our weak nature and accepts us anyways

Rectifies – God’s love rectifies our past sins, wiping them away

Redeems – God’s love redeems us and makes us right with Him

Reflects – God’s love reflects His perfect nature

Refreshes – God’s love refreshes our weary souls

Regenerates – God’s love regenerates us, makes us able to begin anew

Rejects – God’s love rejects Satan’s condemnations of us

Rejoices – God’s love rejoices over each of us

Rejuvenates – God’s love rejuvenates, makes us fresh and ready

Relationships – God’s love gives us common relationships with other believers

Relentless – God’s love is relentless, He never gives up on us

Remarks – God’s love remarks to us that we are His

Renews – God’s love renews our lives

Repairs – God’s love repairs circumstances and situations that seem impossible

Requires – God’s loves requires our attention

Rescues – God’s love rescues us from eternal damnation

Respects – God’s love respects our persons and gives us free-will

Responds – God’s love responds to our needs

Restrains – God’s love restrains His children from harm

Returns – God’s love readily returns us to Him when we stray

Reveals – God’s loves reveals His nature

Revives – God’s love revives our souls

Revitalizes – God’s love revitalizes our commitments

Rewards – God’s love comes with many rewards for His children

Rewrites – God’s love rewrites our story

On those days when I feel discouraged, or when I feel God is distant, I would do well to rewind this list and replay these statements.

What other words do you have re: God’s love? Please share.

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