Hold Fast!

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” – Winston Churchill

I love horses. They are such majestic animals with a long lifespan. A well trained horse can be one of your very best companions. They are strong and gentle at the same time. At one time when I was a young girl, I took western style horseback riding lessons. I loved it! I never got to show a horse, but there’s a few lessons that I learned while taking instruction.

Horses, like dogs, have the uncanny ability can tell when you are stressed, afraid, unconfident. They sense when you are happy and relaxed also. And, they will respond differently depending upon how you approach them. In western riding one of the very first things you learn while sitting upon the horse is that it’s the reins, which are attached to the bit in the horse’s mouth that do the guiding. And, if you don’t have a tight hold on those reins, with them tightly secured in your hand, well then you’ll never be able to guide the horse where you want to go. It’s the reins, and not the saddle horn to which you hold fast. As I think back, I vaguely remember a time when I lost confidence and control over my horse, and in a panic I gripped the saddle horn. Let’s just say it was not the right thing to do – and I quickly learned my lesson, hold fast.

That lesson of holding fast works for not only horseback riding, but for spilling over into our lives. If we lose sight of what’s important, and we panic like I did when I gripped the horn on the horses’ saddle then things quickly spiral out of control. I see panicking about some things in my life as a signal that my focus is not on God, that I’m letting the things of this world take precedence in my life, overtaking my relationship with God. The lesson for me: focus on the things of this world and I’ll get sucked into an never ending vortex of worry, anxiety, doubt, and fear; I’ll buy into the world telling me that who I am, and what I think is irrelevant. We’re bombarded with a worldly culture that is quite counter to our relationship with God. And, if we do not hold firm, our foundation will start to crumble. Focus on God, hold firm in my faith, and He will guide me through the many snares in which this world attempts to trap me.

Why do I have such confidence that God will bring me through times of trials victoriously? Well, as I look over my life, I can see God’s hand guiding me. I see how God has brought many good things to fruition in my life when I’ve held fast to my faith. Unlike others, God is always faithful to His children. And, I know that I know that God will always be faithful to me His beloved daughter.

I trust Him, do you? If so, hold fast dear one. Stand back and watch God at work!

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful. (Hebrews 10:23, ESV)

One thought on “Hold Fast!

  1. Amen! When we hold fast to God, we will not fall. He never fails. My friend had horses and they were His consolation in tough times. He prayed with them daily. Due to health reasons he had to sell them and is hurting. Please keep Jason in your prayers
    Be blessed

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