There’s Always Something

Most of us agree that the theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein, the man who developed the Theory of Relativity, was a brilliant mind. It’s purported that his IQ was at 160, which is the very top end of the scale. Yet even one of the brightest minds that there ever was recognized that he had limitations – “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” Albert Einstein. He was right.

And Einstein wasn’t the only one to feel that way. Roseanne Rosannadanna (played by the talented Gilda Radner, on Saturday Night Live) said: “There’s always something… If it’s not one thing it’s another.” From the smartest of the smart, to the profound statements of the humorous, so many of us recognize that around each corner is new things to learn, new wisdom discover. Leading us to realize that the more we know, the more we realize that there’s so much more that we don’t know. My husband and I often say “I don’t know what I don’t know.” What is it we don’t know? Well, lots and lots.

I’m far from the genius MENSA IQ of Albert Einstein, and I don’t have the comedic mind and timing of Gilda Radner. I’m just me. I know that my eyes glaze over during technical scientific discussions, and I find reading economics textbooks to be the ultimate solution for insomnia. I have limited comprehension, but I know enough to know that while indeed there’s so much that I don’t know, I don’t have to know, or even understand everything. I wasn’t made that way.

Over my lifetime I have relied on many people for wisdom. Some really wise people, and some not so wise. I would seek out what they had to say, looking for the ultimate answers that would guarantee success. And, I have to say that in many, if not most cases, I was steered wrong. As Roseanne Rosannadanna said “There’s always something.” There was always something that either my counselor, or my mind, missed. There was always something with a little different twist to make the situation quite different from what was anticipated. And, I think that’s because we cannot possibly know, or plan for, every possible contingency that comes our way. No human has that kind of mind or control over life.

But, what I learned, for the most part, was to not stress over these situations. These times where I don’t know what I don’t know are now expected, and mostly not feared. I can’t control things. God is the only one who knows all, and God has control. I found that when I step back, when I realize that I don’t know what I don’t know, and when I am okay with that scenario — when I take my hands off and let God have control, things go much easier. The best wisdom, the best guidance comes from God Himself – through His Word, and through the prompting of the Holy Spirit that lives inside of me.

“There’s always something… If it’s not one thing it’s another.” Yup, Roseanne Rosannadanna, you’re right.

“Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” (Jeremiah 33:3, ESV)

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