Ordinary Day

In past entries, I have shared just how God has worked in my life in rather unexpected, and sometimes miraculous ways. And with each instance my faith and trust in Him was significantly enhanced. There’s the caring friends that ministered to me during devastating situations. There’s His unending provisions for me, such as moving me into various areas of the country to bring me where He wants me to be, all while only giving me exactly what I needed to take the next step. There’s restoring my hope in love and gifting me with a loving Godly husband. There’s the child that He provided, and named, after nine long years of fertility issues (my son’s name is Nathaniel – gift from God). There’s the time that I heard Him (not audibly, but inside of my mind) saying “Victoria, trust me.” There’s the time three days before my dear brother died that he accepted Christ.

Those times when God demonstrates His unconditional love for His glory are sure memorable indeed, and we should remember, rejoice, and talk about those times. They serve as reminders to us, and they show others God’s amazing love and power. I’ve seen it at work in other’s lives also. In the couple who witnessed to others, bringing many to God, through their faith and encouragement of others, with the grace and dignity that only God can provide throughout the husband’s terminal illnesses and subsequent death. There’s the life of Joni Eareckson Tada, an extraordinary woman who glorifies God with her life after an injury that left her paralyzed and confined to a wheel chair. There are so many instances of God working in the lives of His people in remarkable ways. We love those stories, we celebrate those stories, and we remember those stories.

But, I want to focus on another area, yesterday. It was an ordinary day. I woke up, got out of bed, got dressed, made a cup of Chai Tea latte, sat down read my Bible readings, and completed my First 5 lesson, along with my reflection, on the study. The day then started. As usual we drove (we drive a truck for a living, delivering Broadway shows all over the USA and sometimes into Canada). The roads were clear, but many showed signs of former salting to protect drivers from the previous, or upcoming anticipated, slippery conditions of winter. Some roads and parking lots still witnessed the previous effects of storms with sparkling white clean snow piles trimmed around the outside edges with the everyday dirt and grime associated with sloppy road conditions. We stopped to eat dinner, which cooked away in the crock pot while we drove down the road. A small shelf broke in the truck, and my handyman husband was able to take his time to fix the shelf. We traveled well into the evening, through the mountainous area of the Appalachians of Pennsylvania. Sometimes the freeway lanes narrowed, due to road construction. We witnessed several trucks with trailers attached come close to our rig when maneuvering around the many sharp curves that come with driving in the mountains. Yet, not one came close enough to us to cause damage. When I got tired, I climbed into bed and went to sleep.

Yes, it was an ordinary day with so many moments that will quickly fade into the recesses of my mind, most likely never to be remembered again. But in actuality, it was really quite a remarkable day. Nothing spectacular happened, or did it? We had no emergencies. Our truck, the mainstay of our livelihood, worked perfectly. It’s 220 gallon tank was full of fuel. We were not involved in, nor did we witness any accidents. We, or none of our loved ones, faced a catastrophe. We were safe, and our loved ones were safe. God provided fuel, food, comfort, good companionship, laughter, and love. We have steady work doing what we love. Truly ordinary, and extraordinary at the same time indeed.

I contend that we get so lost in the everyday of our lives that we fail to recognize and appreciate the ordinary day. Those days that fade away and are soon replaced by the next ordinary day. We remember and marvel in the days in which we witness God doing extraordinary feats of healing and restoration – as well we should. However, we take ordinary days for granted. We move thorough our lives from one thing to the next. We forget the ordinary days, and in doing so we miss that they too are gifts and miracles in, an of, themselves. In each of our ordinary days God provides, God protects, God loves. It’s in ordinary days that we also experience the living God moving and working inside of each believer. If we are in tune to the Holy Spirit, if we are in communion with God, if we stop, take the time to think, pay attention, and listen, we’ll feel the very presence of God in the ordinary moments.

I would do well to remember, and be extremely thankful, for those ordinary days which really are and extraordinary gift to each of us from God.

How about you? Do you thank God for each of your ordinary days?

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” (1 Thessalonians 5:16, ESV)

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