God Uses Cracked Pots

I like the humor of Patsy Clairmont. Over the years I have read some of her classic books, and I’ve seen her in person at a few Women of Faith conferences. She has great wit, insight, and wonderful wisdom. Just look at the titles of some of her books: God Uses Cracked Pots, Normal is Just a Setting on your Dryer, Sportin’ a ‘Tude, and I Grew Up Little. And, indeed in this little package of a woman, God has done mighty things. She was one of the founding speakers for the Women of Faith conferences. She’s encouraged millions of women (and some men also) during her many years of service.

I like her titles because they ring true in this world of ours. God indeed does use cracked pots, each of us are full of flaws, we’ve been dinged and banged around, we have a few cracks – some on the surface, and some deep and wide. Delightfully she’s told us the truth, that normal is just a setting on the dryer. I’m not normal that’s for sure. And for sure, each and everyone of us, at sometime or another, have been sportin’ a ‘tude (sporting an attitude).

And, she’s not the only one who points out that God uses flawed people. In the New Testament book of Hebrews, chapter 11, there stands a long list of the people who are long identified as heroes in the faith – I call it God’s Hall of Fame. Starting in verse 4 and continuing on through to pretty much the end of the chapter we’re met with a litany of those people whom God used:

Abel – was murdered by his jealous brother Cain

Noah – got drunk

Abraham – lied to others about his wife

Isaac – ran rather than be confrontational

Jacob – cheated his brother out of his birthright

Sarah – doubted God’s Word and was impatient

Moses – stuttered

Rahab – was a prostitute

Gideon – was a doubter

Samson – his demise was due to the people with whom he associated

David – was a adulterer and murderer

Samuel – did not restrain his children from wicked ways

In addition, he used Peter (impulsive), Jonah (tried to run from God), Paul (who as Saul was a murderer), Miriam (gossiped), Martha (worrier), Thomas (doubter), Elijah (moody), Zaccheus (cheat), Mary Madgalene (a prostitute). And, I’m sure if I were to take more time here I could probably come up with a a litany of names of others just from the Bible.

Given that list of names, I contend that there is hope for all of us. If God can use them and bring about great victories, just what can God do with you?

In that list, is there anyone with whom you identify?

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