Godly Wisdom

A few weeks ago, I listened to the talk Grace Driven Wisdom from First 5’s Whitney Capps and Wendy Blight. In this brief video there was an insight into wisdom that I’ve never internalized before, a teaching on wisdom from James chapter 3 that made things ever so much clearer.

First the two types of wisdom that Whitney mentioned:

Wisdom that puffs up – it’s a self-promoting wisdom, one that comes with motives. I’ll call that one Worldly Wisdom.

Wisdom that brings low – it’s the wisdom that helps us to recognize just how much we really don’t know. I’ll call that one Godly Wisdom.

This video was teaching with which I can identify. I’ve read the book of James time and time again. There’s so many verses in that book of the New Testament that I’ve highlighted. And, even though my study Bible also addresses the types of wisdom that Whitney and Wendy discussed in a similar light, its points somehow never got internalized like they did today. It almost made me feel like I’ve glossed over those particular verses in James 3:13-18. Once brought to light, it was like a whole new understanding of wisdom took root in my soul.

Once again I am blown away by the insight that God imparts to these godly women. I often sit in awe of what God reveals to His audience of believers through these two, and the other women who teach through Proverbs 31’s First 5 ministry. I watch them teach other women from all over the world with grace and humility that inspires and encourages their audience. I listen to their confessions of how they fall short, how they too stumble in their daily walk, and how they struggle with some of the same things with which I also struggle. They embody that godly wisdom that James talks about. And, I am inspired. I walk away from their teaching always reflecting on how I can improve in my walk with God.

It reinforces to me that we can always learn something more through listening and absorbing the teachings of others. God imparts His wisdom to each in different ways, bringing understanding of verses and concepts to our minds highlighting them in different ways, using different words, using different teachers and different teaching methods to inspire us.

That’s the way I think it should be. As believers, we read, we study, we reflect, and we share. We spur one another on to greater understanding of what it means to be walking with God, growing closer to our Savior, and sharing God’s glory and His love with others. We do it with the wisdom that the book of James addresses, godly wisdom. And, we don’t do these things to draw attention to ourselves, but to draw attention to the glory of God, His mercy, and His goodness.

I for one, love the insight that God gives to me through the teachings of humble wise people of God. I love when God takes a familiar verse, a familiar concept, and gives His godly wisdom to another so that we see His Word in a new light. Our understanding is enhanced and expanded. And, we can put that Word into practice.

It is through the First 5 Bible Study, and other studies, that God in turn gives me nuggets. He provides me examples of my applicable life experiences with which I reflect – God spurs me to share His wisdom through writing about my own life experiences. What happens through those writings that God gives to me is up to God. And, I pray that I always approach the reflections that God gives me with Godly wisdom, and never for self-promotion or to puff myself up.

Thank you Lord for the humble and wise teachers that you provide to us to help us along our way, to help us to increase our understanding of you, to help us become more like your Son Jesus. May you continue to bless them so, just as they bless us so.

Believing God, trusting God, adoring God, walking with God, growing with God, confessing to God, talking with God, listening to God, learning with God – it’s the Heart of the Journey ❤️

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