Standing In the Presence

Nowadays so much of our communications are done digitally on laptops, smart phones, or tablets. We’re so engrossed with this technology, that we seldom notice that we have a tendency to place face to face communications on the back burner. I was commenting to my husband a few weeks ago that I seldom spend time talking on the telephone. Because of our lifestyle my face-to-face communication with friends is severely limited. Years ago, I spent a lot of time speaking with friends on the telephone and face-to-face. Now it seems like I spend more time texting people than talking with others – part of it is because of our schedule and lifestyle, and part of it seems to be because it’s easier to send a little blurb that another can look at and answer when they have time. So conversations have moved from in-person, or verbal interactions to small little snippets of text. As a result I am not so sure that we really get to know and have real meaningful interactions with others. With all of our technological advances, it seems to me like we’ve actually taken a step or two back in communicating with others. 

Living our lives out the road can be difficult, as we cannot easily maintain the types of relationships that others, who live and work around their home, have with their family and friends. We are rather isolated and it’s challenging. We are in and out of cities in what sometimes seems like lightning fast speed and onto the next venue. It’s not uncommon for us to be zipping across the country from New York City to California in the span of five days. Just this past 10 days we traveled to Orlando, FL – Memphis, TN – Charleston, SC – Schenectady, NY – Utica, NY. Over the next few days/week we will be in Harrisburg, PA – Secaucus, NJ – New Orleans, LA – Atlanta, GA – Little Rock, AR; etc. We do get around that’s for sure. So we find that it seems to be more natural that we gravitate to other couples who also do the same work that we do, hauling Broadway shows through the USA and Canada. We get snippets of time with these other couples here and there when we load out a show and deliver it to the next theater. But, we don’t often get to spend more than a couple of hours at a time with these friends either.

The past two days we spent time working at loading out a new show, Love Never Dies (the follow-up story to the musical Phantom of the Opera), out of Utica, New York. And in doing so, we got to spend two rather busy days with a lead driver and his delightful wife. Many conversations ensued over the course of the two days, and we found ourselves really enjoying face-to-face interactions that included serious discussions, funny stories, learning experiences, smiles, and lots of laughter. It was enjoyable to spend time with them, enhance our working relationship and forge friendship. To me, it was refreshing, and meaningful, to marvel in good old fashion interaction. Since those kinds of interactions are rare, I am learning to treasure them. 

There’s another interaction that I really treasure. Since we are always moving, I can’t attend weekly face-to-face women’s Bible studies and develop friendships with other women of faith near my home. I’ve found that an internet based Bible study with women from all over the world helps to fill in some of that need for godly interaction. That then leaves me a lot of time to ponder my faith, and commune with God – this is especially true when we are doing a team run (where the truck is pretty much moving 24 hours, one sleeps while the other drives). I like to keep the truck quiet while Jim tries to sleep through the daytime, and I find that it’s through those times that God speaks to me. I drive and I talk to God, I drive and I pray to God, I drive and I quiet my mind to see what God puts on my heart, I drive and I listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. It’s a peaceful and very fulfilling time being in presence of God. And when I am done driving, and not sleeping, I write out what God has put on my heart. He lets me know that He’s always here, He’s always with me, He’s meeting me right in every moment of every day when I turn my focus to Him. He will do the same for you when you seek Him. 

Be blessed in the presence of God dear one.

“You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13, ESV)

One thought on “Standing In the Presence

  1. Yes, I can see how driving long distances would be a great time to pray and meditate. I know what you mean about texting instead of calling snd chatting. My daughters prefer texting, but we talk on the phone a bit. We have found it is a lot of fun to have a family group at Facebook. We can send each other pics and talk about private things we wouldn’t post on our regular facebook page.


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