The Power of Love

I like movies, so does my husband. We tend to watch pretty much all genres’, and depending upon the mood du jour we may go to the movie theater to see an action, adventure, mystery, drama, comedy, fantasy, western, or sci-fi film. There are some movies that stick out in my memory as movies that I enjoyed so much that I could watch them many times over. One such movie that sticks out in my mind, was not too profound at all, but was fun to watch – Back to the Future. It’s a light-hearted 1985 sci-fi classic movie about a teenaged boy named Marty McFly. Marty is from a rather “uncool” family, where Marty’s father George is a weakling that is constantly harassed, from the time George was a teenager, by the town bully Biff. Marty hangs out with Doc Brown, a rather eccentric scientist, and learns about Doc’s tinkering with time travel. They meet one night to test out whether Doc’s time travel machine (a DeLorean DMC-12) will work, and through a series of mishaps, Marty travels back to 1955 to try to save Doc’s life. And, while doing so, Marty accidentally interrupts the future relationship between his father and his mother, which then puts his life and the lives of his two siblings in danger of never existing. Marty must save the day by getting his parents together, warning Doc Brown about the future, and Marty must find a way back to his own time. The theme of the movie is summed up in the hit song that was featured in the movie, “The Power of Love.” 

Don’t need money, don’t take fame

Don’t need no credit card to ride this train

It’s strong and it’s sudden and it’s cruel sometimes

But it might just save your life

That’s the power of love
They say that all in love is fair

Yeah but you don’t care

But you know what to do

When it gets hold of you

And with a little help from above

You feel the power of love

You feel the power of love

Can you feel it?

I think love, acceptance, and purpose are perhaps the biggest motivators in our lives. It seems to me that nearly everyone I’ve ever known is motivated by and seeks each one. We have a strong need to know just why we are here, a need to be in positive relationships with others, and the deepest need of all is to be loved for who we are. Some of us never, ever feel like we’ve achieved all three of these big factors in life, we long for it but always seem to miss the mark. 

I know that my husband loves and accepts me for who I am. Our relationship is wonderful, but it’s not perfect, since neither of us are perfect. There are a few things I am sure that he wishes I would fix, and I could come up with a few items for Jim to improve upon. But, despite our many flaws, we love each other, and are determined that those things will not get in our way. I think Krista Williams summed it up best when she said “Marriage is hard, and I have to remember that I married a sinner and so did he.”

We cannot have a perfect relationship with another, because parts of us will always get in the way. There’s only one relationship that I know of that will ever reach perfection. That is a relationship with Jesus. Jesus was the only perfect human to ever walk on the earth. And, because He’s perfect, we are loved with the purest love we could ever experience. He gives us unconditional acceptance that we cannot to do anything to earn or retain. Meet Christ, accept Christ as your personal savior, and that’s when you will have a true life with purpose – true meaningful purpose. That indeed is the true power of love. 

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever. Give thanks to the God of gods, for his steadfast love endures forever.” (Psalms 136:2, ESV)

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