Dictionary.com gives the definition of flawless as: having no discernible blemishes or shortcomings; perfect; having no defects or faults; immaculate, impeccable, unblemished, unbroken. There are very few things in this world that are perfect. Our culture pushes for perfection, especially in the area of appearance. We need to have the perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect body, and of course we must have flawless skin. And, if we are not flawless, don’t worry there are plenty of products, or self-help articles and books, that promise perfection. If we cannot achieve perfection in that way then there we are offered ways to cover up whatever is not flawless. 

We know that there are very few flawless things in this world. When we were shopping for my engagement ring, we talked with our jeweler about the type of diamond that we wanted. Diamonds are graded by four different things: color, cut, clarity, carat. All of these things are taken in consideration for the determination of the diamond grade, and hence the price. I wanted a nice size diamond, but I was more concerned with the quality of the stone rather than the diamond weight. And for today’s discussion, I tried to do some research to see the range of the price for a one carat diamond. I had a bit of trouble, because the daily diamond prices fluctuate. So what I did find was that one source said that a one carat diamond could range in price from $3,080 to $26,950. Of course it depends upon the color, cut, and clarity. Initially I thought about a heart shaped diamond, or an emerald cut. I love the romance of the heart shaped, but the classic beauty of an emerald cut has always appealed to me. After consultation with my jeweler, we determined that heart shaped was not practical for the type of work we do. And, an emerald cut requires a pretty much flawless stone because any occlusions would be very visible, there’s just not enough facets in an emerald cut to hide flaws. In the end we decided on a beautiful round stone, and after all we took into consideration, I love my ring. It’s not flawless, but it’s perfect for me.

When I fell in love with Jim, there were plenty of things that were attractive to me. In the early stages of love, we tend to have blinders on, and we don’t usually see too many flaws. In my eyes, Jim was the perfect man. The emotions and chemistry between two people in the throngs of early love, tends to make us rather euphoric. I felt that my relationship with my husband-to-be was too good to be true. He swept me off of my feet. However, we all know that no one is perfect. I am flawed, Jim is flawed. However flawed he is, Jim is still perfect for me. 

There’s only been one perfect person in the entire time of our world – Jesus. He is the ultimate standard of what any of us could ever hope to be. Most Christians that I know pretty much strive to model Jesus’ life and standards. And, we all fail, sometimes minute by minute. But, Jesus is our model and inspiration. We may strive to become perfect, but we will never reach that kind of perfection. However, we don’t need to stress about reaching that impossible standard, because God doesn’t expect us to ever be perfect. He loves us just as we are, flaws and all. We don’t have to cover up our flaws, because God already knows about them. The greatest gift we’ve ever received was through Jesus’ sacrifice of Himself to put us in a right relationship with God the Father. You cannot earn it. But through it, just as Solomon said to his Shulammite bride, God says to us: “You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.” (Song of Solomon 4:7, ESV)

Thank you Jesus!

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