Field of Vision

Try an experiment. Some time when you are sightseeing or traveling down the road, find an object off in the distance that interests you, stare at it for a moment or two. Then pick up your smartphone and snap a picture of that same object. Now, keeping the image of that object in your mind, take a look at the picture that you’ve snapped of the object. What do you notice about the object in the picture? Is that object out in distance the same size in the picture as it is in your mind? Chances are your answer is no, the object in the picture is much smaller, and may even be barely noticeable. Since we travel all over the roads of the USA and can be from one side of the country to the complete other side in less than one week, I get plenty of opportunity to view some magnificent scenery, and I take pictures, lots and lots of pictures. I’ve noticed the phenomenon with my photographs. Earlier this month, we were in Brooklyn, NY and while driving through the streets of Brooklyn I happened to glance over to the right. There, right out in the harbor, was the famous Statue of Liberty – Lady Liberty was standing there off in the distance. I could clearly see her torch, but not the complete detail of her face. I know that object, and she looked pretty large from the passenger seat of our big rig. Of course, out came my iPhone with it’s 12 megapixel camera, and I shot pictures. Upon viewing the pictures I had to zoom way in to see that same object, it was so very tiny, and the details that my eyes saw were barely discernible. 

That got me doing a little research while we headed into New Jersey. I encountered a lot of technical information about the eye, and a lot of technical information about photography, most of which was over my head. The best answer that I could find, or the one that made the most sense to me, was that the physiology of eye is so very advanced that we are able to focus in on a specific object of our attention and the eye will adjust the field of vision so that much of the rest of the information in our field of vision is ignored. Additional research yielded that the human eye can see about 30 miles in the distance, more if viewing scenery from a higher vantage such as a mountain. I was unable to find an easy answer as to how much distance a normal camera lens can see. Any way, it’s clear that your field of view will depend upon what you are using to view said field. Are you looking through a lens or are you looking through something far more superior, like the human eye? 

In life we adjust to most circumstances by what we see, what we know, what we touch, what we smell, or what we taste. That’s our field of vision. And, we make most of our decisions based upon our field of vision. As Christians, we know that there’s so much more going on than what meets the eye. The Bible tells us that there’s a whole universe out there with supernatural powers that we cannot see. We tend to forget that, because it’s not in our field of vision, in fact, if we were to take a picture, it’s not even a teeny tiny speck out in the distance. We are viewing our lives with the perspective of the field of vision of the camera lens. God is viewing us, our lives, and our circumstances, with a field of vision that exceeds that of the human eye. 

I love the photographs that I take, but I realize that most of my photos simply don’t capture the details of the things that I experience as well as my eyes do. I know that, yet I still take lots and lots of photographs. In my faith walk with God, and in my daily life, I need to try to remember that my perspective is like that of the camera lens. I can’t see all the details, I don’t really know the complete picture. But, I don’t have to worry about it because the details are there and God sees, and knows, all. He’s got my best interest at heart. He’s got it under control. I need to set my camera lens on the setting of trust and faith. He’ll make it work out. He always does, and He always will. 

1 Corinthians 2:9 But, as it is written, “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him”- (ESV)

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