Backwards Day (sdrawkcaB yaD)

When my son was little we used to celebrate what we called Backwards day. During backwards day we would do things the opposite way than we normally did them. Once we ate dinner for breakfast (and only once, it was too much work for this momma to do that early in the morning!), we had a bedtime story before we got out of bed, we had a bath before eating, we put on pajamas for the day, and he went to bed at night in his clothes. He had to eat his dessert before he got his dinner, and once we went out for ice cream in our pajamas before we had dinner. You should have seen the looks that we got, going out for ice cream in our PJ’s! Too bad we didn’t take pictures of the reactions that we got from others. He loved the whole day! He used to help plan the day out too. My son and I talked this morning about backwards day, and although I couldn’t see his face through the telephone, I know that those memories brought smiles to each of us. It’s sometimes the funny, out of ordinary, or unexpected things that we do with others that sticks out in their memories.

People are surprised by the unexpected, and they retain it. That’s good for us Christians as we go about our lives. We are called to act counter to the popular culture, and that makes us stick out. When we stick out because we are Christians, then that means that we are reflecting Jesus’ Word, love, life, and ways to this weary world. We shine and our actions point others to Christ, and the counter-culture of this world experiences a difference – God’s difference. They will remember our actions, they will remember our words, they will remember the light that shines through us, they will remember how they felt when God’s love was showered upon them. They will want what we have.

Now, I am not saying that you need to go out and eat ice cream in your pajama’s to reflect God’s love, but you could if you wanted to! Stay in constant contact with God, ask Him to reveal Himself through your thoughts, words, and deeds. God will show up in a big way – and be sure to give Him all the glory. 

And, if you have small children, give backwards day a try, it will become a something that they will remember very fondly. 

Dear Lord, let us, your dear children, reflect you in our thoughts, words, and deeds. Let us be a light to this dark world, let us lovingly reflect you in all that we say and do. May your light that shines through us draw them onto you. Let the world see the difference in us, so that the lost look at us and say “I want what she has.” To you Heavenly Father we give all the glory. 

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