Life Lessons

For so many years the stories in the Bible were simply that – stories. A lot of the time I would read a story, and not really be able to glean much from what I read. I most often would scratch my head and say, what should I learn from that? Over the years my approach to the Bible has become different from simply reading what’s in there to attempting to understand just what I’ve read. When I got my first study Bible, it opened up a whole new world for me. I could refer to the notes within the Bible from others who are so much smarter than myself and I was able to glean so much more. Of course Bible studies with others helped expand my knowledge. But, now my studies have become so much more. I am an active participant on the First 5 app, where M-F we go over a reading and extract just what’s pertinent in each chapter. (And, that’s especially great for me because we are constantly traveling and not able to attend a home church on Sunday’s, let alone be there for a weekly Bible study.) But, not only do I read the Bible chapter and the daily teaching, I now take the time to really dig into the subject and research what I’m learning. And, my faith and Biblical knowledge is growing substantially as a result. I surmise that I may actually be learning, and definitely retaining, more than when I was attending Bible College.

Recently we finished a study of 1 and 2 Samuel in the Old Testament on First 5. Whew! There’s so much to learn about the life of King David, and how we can apply the lessons of the lives of Samuel, Saul, David, and the host of other characters within those two books of the Old Testament. 

And from there, I learned the following life lessons:

Hannah: Don’t wait for my prayer to be answered before I change my attitude and gratitude. Praise God where I am at. 

Samuel: Listen for God’s voice and heed God’s wishes.

The Philistines: Revere and respect God and God’s children. 


– Don’t look to my own power to control situations. 

– Don’t try to usurp God’s plan. 

– Don’t try to manipulate situations to my advantage. 

– Don’t blame others for my actions and decisions. 

– Serving myself brings misery. 

– Wait on God and don’t take matters into my own hands. 

– Don’t make rash decisions, but consult God. 

– Don’t consult spirits or mediums. 

Jonathan: Respect God’s chosen one, whether or not, that chosen one is yourself. Be a true self-less friend. 

Abagail: Exhibit courage, grace, wisdom, and humility when confronted with a situation of crisis. 

Uzzah: The things of God are sacred, and God doesn’t need you to steady his presence, we don’t need to “help” God. 

The wise woman of Abel of Beth-maacah: Exhibit godly wisdom and bravery in the face of a crisis.

And, last, but never least, King David:  

– Love God with all your heart, mind, body, and soul. 

– You don’t have to be perfect to be a man, or woman, after God’s own heart. 

– Exhibit praise of God. 

– Seek godly wisdom. 

– Wait for God to bring about those things He’s promised. 

– Exhibit humility. 

– Admit guilt and confess your sins to God. 

– Even though you may seem to be insignificant in the eyes of your family or the world, you are handpicked by God. 

– Ascribe your achievements to the Lord, not yourself. 

– God will protect you, avenge you and fight your battles for/with you. 

– Consult God before you act. 

– Even when you are in the perfect position to strike your enemy, wait on the Lord for His clear instructions. 

– Don’t aid and assist the enemy. 

– Your family is precious, be involved in the lives of your children

– Be faithful to God’s chosen one. 

– Ascribe your victories to God. 

– Be where God places you to be, that way you will not be tempted to sin. 

– Don’t try to hide from your sins, God sees them anyway. 

– Hold others accountable for their actions. 

– Be loyal to your friends. 

– No matter how many times you sin, approach God with a contrite heart and seek forgiveness and restoration. 

Above all, understand that all wisdom comes from God. Knowledge and wisdom are not the same. Knowledge is defined as the acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles. While wisdom is defined as knowledge of what is true or right, coupled with just judgment as to action. It’s not enough to just have knowledge, because knowledge can exist without wisdom, but wisdom cannot exist without knowledge. 

As God is the source of true wisdom, it’s important to be armed with godly wisdom, which God will graciously give to us when we ask Him for it. Stay in God’s Word to gain knowledge, maintain constant communication with God through prayer, listen for God’s guidance through the Holy Spirit and godly mentors. 

If you want a great place to experience godly Bible teaching, I heartily recommend the First 5 app from Proverbs 31 Ministry. The women there are awesome teachers! The audience mostly consists of women who encourage and support one another. 

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