Lasting Words

Some people are simply able to effortlessly put their thoughts and words together in such a manner that these thoughts serve to inspire us and impart wisdom for living our lives. Their words live on for the benefit of generations thereafter. These writings are chockfull of wisdom, and life long lessons – on how to live life, how to love, how to treat others, they point out what is beneficial and what is harmful. And those writings are a real treasure trove.
King David, the one who was known as a “man after God’s own heart,” left us a lasting legacy through his writings of poetry and song. He is the known author of over half of the 150 Psalms in the Old Testament of the Bible. And in the book of Psalms are some tremendous prayers of how real people relate to our magnificent God. There’s a Psalm for almost every instance that you could face in your life, and they are a great way to pray, if your own words won’t come to you easily.
I never considered myself to be a writer, in fact as a child, teenager, and for most of my adult life, I never felt that I could write much of anything, let alone weave a story. My corporate career was spent in writing and executing business plans – pretty cut and dried stuff. Additionally, I created press releases, some newsletter stories, and some internal company communications, but there wasn’t much creativity in those pieces. And, the big pieces that needed to be written were given to the corporate writers on staff.
I simply didn’t have the talent to bring thoughts and imagery together that would really be of interest to others. But for some reason within the past two years, I’ve slowly somewhat developed the ability to be able to tell a bit of a story, or string together some thoughts that make some sense to others. It all started because I wanted a way to keep track of those places that we visit and what we learn about the sights that we see as we travel across the country, so I started with a Facebook account that serves as a bit of a humorous travelogue.
My life on the road affords me plenty of time to ponder my faith. And there’s also ample time to dig into God’s Word and really research what I find. All that research has deepened my faith substantially. From there I developed a need, or perhaps I should say urgency, to write about my faith.
I know what has enabled me to successfully tell a story and convey my thinking at this stage of my life, well, actually it’s more like who has enabled me – God. Most likely, you’ve heard the saying “But God.” For over 95 percent of my life, I could not string together decent thoughts to capture a story in writing, at least not a story that anyone, including myself would want to read – But God. It’s His blessing to me, that I am turning back into praise about, and for, Him. I hope that what I post in here can help, or inspire, others in making Jesus their Lord and Savior and enhance their walk in faith.
Because the longer I walk on this earth, the more I understand just how very vital it is to walk with God and commune with Him moment by moment. The reason He put me here is to reflect His glory to others. I simply write what God puts on my heart, and I pray that some of these things do successfully bring others to a greater relationship with Him.
“We are all pencils in the hand of God.” Mother Teresa

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