Waiting on the Lord

Circumstances, you know those things that just sort of happen, or pop up when we are in the middle of a situation, can prove to be challenging. Circumstances can throw my life and my attitude into a loop, and lead me to spiral out of control, if I let those circumstances take control. Too many times we let circumstances take over and let them dictate just exactly what we are going to do, and when we are going to do it.

For so many years I’ve heard about the thing that First 5 leader Wendy Capps called the Open Door Theology. And, I’ve ascribed to that theology. I’ve prayed God, if this is the right thing for me/us to do, then please open the right doors and shut the wrong doors. Then I’ve sat back and waited and watched for God to give me/us the answer. And with that I have been doing myself a grave disservice. Now it’s become crystal clear that pursuing this Open Door Theology is a passive tactic. I’ve been appealing to God, and then I’ve sat back and waited for God to deliver to me His answer. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to wait on God, but I think that the process of waiting on the Lord still requires action on our part. Not the action to jump in and “help God get things done,” of which I seem to be too willing to do – and when I do this I sure do mess things up. But, now realize that I need to be active in my wait.

And, the fact is that I’ve been passive, I mean really, really passive on this front. More often than not, I have not dove into God’s Word to see just what exactly I can find that applies to my particular situation at the time. Perhaps it’s because the gift of discernment is low on my list of spiritual gifts. Honestly, sometimes I just need to be able to plainly understand God’s message and God’s Word – and that is exactly why my go-to Bible is a study Bible, I really rely on people who are so much smarter than I to help me to understand just what somethings in the Bible mean.

But now I see that as a definite weakness on my part, I need to ascribe to the Open Word Theology. And, the good news is that I am equipped with the tools that I need right here in my big rig. I have my study Bible, I have so many Bible apps that I can use for wisdom and guidance, I have my iPad and I can wield mighty searches on google using my internet. I also have several small reference books that list topics and give verses that apply to those topics. And, I am not using those tools that God’s put at my disposal to actively seek out His will. But, as of today, I will start using those tools so that I can actively seek out God’s wisdom and His will, while I wait on Him to provide me with the answers in His perfect timing.

Thank you Lord for your wisdom and guidance!

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