The Sweet Spot

The image of a cake is conjured in my mind today. I am not a huge sweets eater, but once in a long while I do indulge in a slice of cake or a really good sized cupcake. And since I don’t get cake but every once in a while, I do relish those times in which I get that treat. Not just any cake will do, I have some specific requirements that must be met for me to eat cake, generally it must be yellow – or butter cake. Not chocolate cake, not red velvet cake. But, what really makes the cake for me is a good generous slather of yummy sweet real buttercream frosting. Don’t even think about offering me chocolate frosting, or any of that “whippy” frosting. I have been known to wait a long time for a slice of cake that meets my specific tastes – this time I waited over five months to get exactly what I wanted. And recently I was rewarded with my perfect treat. I can describe it as just about heavenly.

I love when I get treated to just the right thing, it delights me so. Years ago, I was clued into a real specific treat by the Lord. Right in the very center of the Bible sits this little gem of wisdom: “It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man.” Psalm 118:8, ESV. I always marvel at the messages that God placed in our guidebook, and to have that verse be the center point of the entire Bible is simply the icing on the cake for me.

Knowing God, I think that He specifically placed each verse, each story in the Bible exactly in the place in which they are located. Everything is in there for a purpose. The stories He placed there teach us lessons about His faithfulness, His desires for our lives, His warnings, His love, and lead us into a deeper relationship with Him. He knows the pressures that we face in the world, He knows the temptations we will face, He knows that the enemy wants to rip us away from Him and His goodness. He provides us all the answers we need and so very much more than that.

Through His patient and generous provision we can turn to Him in His Word, His Holy Spirit, and in the counsel of godly people that He places in our path. In turn, I am better prepared to live a life attempting to better reflect His goodness, grace and mercy to others. And, that’s sweet provision, indeed.

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