Hindsight is 20/20

There’s a famous saying that goes like this “hindsight is 20/20,” meaning that in hindsight things are obvious that were not obvious to us while we are immersed in a situation. While a traditional understanding of hindsight usually is viewed as if you are able to evaluate your past choices more clearly than at the time of the choice, personally I like to look at hindsight as a way for me to review God’s plan, provision and protection during times of turbulence in my life. And, there’s been so very, very many of those times.

Perhaps evaluating past situations in my life is a deeply engrained trait within me. In my professional career (over 25 years) in the corporate and non-profit world my role was that of a strategist in marketing and communications. I used my God-given talents to devise and execute plans to achieve certain communication goals. Some plans were wildly successful, and some plans failed to hit the mark. After the plans were executed they were examined for the lessons learned – we called it an after action review. Those lessons were then captured and used for the execution of subsequent plans – it was a continual circular process. And with each and every plan, there was something to learn.

God is the master strategist, and He’s perfect at it. There’s not one single plan from God that has an even teeny tiny flaw. He knows the plans that He has for our lives (Jeremiah 29:11), and despite the fact that we get in the way, I have the utmost faith that His plan is the one that will ultimately succeed. He sees the bigger picture – He sees everything and He knows everything. Like a master chess player, God is constantly moving pieces into place to achieve a goal that is off in the distant future. And, while a grand master at chess can see/strategize as much as 10-15 moves ahead, God however is able to see and orchestrate an infinite amount of moves.

There have been times in my life that I can see God patiently orchestrating conditions in my life over the course of many, many years. I see those times more clearly after I’ve been through a particularly tough wilderness experience. And, looking back I shake my head in utter amazement and say, “Ah, God, now I understand what you were doing there!” Each and every situation that I’ve encountered in my lifetime, God has been there. Every time I’ve tried to take the helm and steer the ship to “help God,” He’s been faithful and rescues me. He loves me unconditionally and He holds me totally within the palm of His hand. And, I am ever so grateful for that.

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