Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of the year, the seasons are changing, and depending upon just where you live, the leaves are on the trees, and flowers are blooming. It’s that time of year when you can open the windows and let the nice warmish breezes flow through your home, letting fresh air whisk away that old stale winter air. So too, it’s time for the ritual of spring cleaning, you know the kind – furniture moved, floors really scrubbed, vacuuming in places that haven’t seen the vacuum in a long time. Maybe you even are washing the walls and ceilings. It’s not exactly my idea of fun, but it is necessary to clean house on the inside and out, and when it’s done there’s a great feeling of satisfaction to be had.

The same is to be said with spring cleaning for ourselves, our insides need to be swept clean of the cobwebs and clutter that stand in our way. We need to remove the cobwebs of self-doubt, vacuum away those dusty idols onto which we are holding, and wash away our sins. How do we do that? We take inventory of those items of self-doubt. We examine our lives for the idols that we must pack up and get rid of. We wash our sins away in the blood of Christ through reflection, repentance and confessing them to God.

I have so many of those cobwebs, dusty idols, and sins that I sometimes very stubbornly hang onto, and today I need to get that inventory prepared so that I can spring clean them right out of my life. However, this is something that I cannot save for once a year, once a season, once a month, once a week; I need to do this daily. In daily reflection and repentance, I can keep those cobwebs that try to entangle me, those idols that tend to tempt me, and those sins that hinder my growth at the top of my mind. I must be in touch with my Savior daily, and throughout each day.

Now, which one to tackle first? Hmmm, there’s probably too many to list here. I guess I will let God pick which ones have the biggest stronghold over me and then trust that He, and He only, can remove them from my life through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Teach me Lord, mold me into a woman after your own heart! ❤️

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