There’s a certain amount of self-satisfaction to be recognized for something, perhaps it was a particularly awesome project that you created at work, perhaps you’re a talented performer, perhaps it is because you’ve excel at your studies. You get acknowledged for your hard work, people give you kudos. If you’ve experienced this just one time in your life, think back, does it bring a smile to your face? I have a few of these memories of jobs well done, hard work rewards. I can feel the warmth of those accolades right now.

For most of us, those accolades come few and far between, and pretty soon the spotlight fades and reality sets back in. You’re only as good as the next thing that you’ve done. In our world, it’s the results that matter. Now there are some people who always seem to get the honors for their work. And for some of those high achievers, as long as they get the results that their employer wants, it doesn’t matter how they achieve said results. I’ve been a party to someone who was like that, they got results and railroaded over everyone else. They excelled at making things difficult for you, especially if they perceive you as a threat, or if they don’t like you. Usually it’s those people that get all the attention, time after time, and all the rest of us simply dwell in oblivion – or hope to dwell in oblivion if we are in that person’s cross hairs.
It made me feel the same way I felt when I was a kid and we all lined up to be picked to be on someone’s team for a game like baseball. When I was a kid, I was terrible in sports (I still am), time after time, I was one of the very last people picked to play on a team, if not the very last. I remember how small, hurt, insignificant, and discouraged that I felt. I really wanted to be a great sports player, I wanted to have coordination, I wanted to hit the ball and run the bases. Just once I wanted to be the first choice, or even so good that I was the captain of the team. But, I just simply didn’t have “it,” and because I didn’t have “it,” I spent plenty of times on the sideline in tears.

Perhaps you are like me, and you got passed over more times than you can remember. No one came up to you and looked you over with admiration. No one flashed a broad smile across their their face and said “You, I want you! You have just what I need, you must be on my team!”

There is one who sees you just as you are, with all your hurts and scars. And He is looking at you with a broad smile on His face, and He is saying those words you long to hear. “You, I want you! Out of all of the people in the world, you are unique. You have just what I need, you must be on my team, because you are the only person who can accomplish exactly what I have in mind for you.” That of course is our Lord and Savior. God designed you, and God has handpicked you for something wonderful, something specific. No one else can fill your spot. You’ve been handpicked by the best, the ultimate one. So no matter how many times people have passed over you, there’s one that will never pass you over. He’s the one whose opinion matters. And, He’s handpicked you!

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