Toxic Emotions

I think that most everyone likes the emotions of love, trust, joy, happiness, and the like. Likewise I think that most dislike emotions such as anger, fear, sorrow, rage, and disgust. When those negative emotions invade our mind, and we let them control us, they cause us to act in very toxic and destructive ways. So many times I let my emotions run my life. Mostly I slip into these emotions when I let my guard down, when I let my thoughts, actions and desires mesh in with what the world tells me is important. It could be that I get tired of the constant battles that seem to be raging around us Christians, and I just simply get tired of fighting. At times, it seems easier to give in. When I do give in it’s a recipe for disaster. In fact, I have trouble thinking of when my knee-jerk toxic reactions of emotions produced positive results. That’s who I am when I dwell in the world, but definitely not who I want to be.

If we as Christians believe in the inerrant Word of God then we know that we cannot simultaneously walk in the ways of the world and and the ways of the Holy Spirit. So when I give up and give in, even if I don’t want to admit it to myself, I know deep down that I am ignoring the Holy Spirit. That then lets the enemy get a foothold, and that’s all the enemy needs, that foothold can easily turn into solid ground, pretty soon our toxic emotions are coursing through our veins as quickly as our blood moves through our body with every beat of our heart. We’ve then given the victory to the devil, and worse yet, we’ve discredited our Christian witness – that to me is the most devastating thing of all.

To be effective, and happy, we are to remain in the Spirit of God – and I need to remain in God’s Spirit each and every moment of my life. How do I remain in the Spirit? Well, I must remain connected to God. I need to confess to God my transgressions, I need to seek God’s guidance through prayer, the Word, and other godly counsel. That’s my formula for success, and the only kind of success that I really want out of my life.

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