I’m Sorry


When we say I’m sorry to someone else, we may actually mean those two words “I’m sorry,” or we may not mean them at all. Maybe we just want to be left off of the hook for an offense. Or, perhaps we may want to simply end an argument with someone else and that seems to be the best way to achieve the end.

But, it’s one thing to utter those words, and it’s an entirely another thing to have repentance, isn’t it? What is repentance? Well, according to Dictionary.com it means to feel sorry, or conscious stricken, for past conduct; to feel such sorrow for one’s actions to cause the repentant to change for the better; be penitent. Simply uttering those two words doesn’t make things right. What makes things right is the heart and subsequent actions from the person who utters those two words.

Too many times, from a certain person formerly in my life, I was the recipient of those two words, immediately followed by something like I’ll never do that again, please forgive me, etc. However, in the case of the speaker those words were hollow, there were no actions to gel with the apologies, in other words there was never any repentance.

If we, neglect to see the true underlying cause of our situation, that thing that needs to be corrected, and don’t move to make the necessary corrections hopefully forever, then those words are just platitudes to get us off of the hook. We want to simply move on and not have the offense hang over our heads. But, moving on is futile isn’t it? It certainly is if we don’t stop, confess our problems, our issues, and ask God to help guide us to a true change of hearts and actions.

Now, I am ever so thankful that God does not deal with each of us in the manner that we deserve. I am limited; He is unlimited. I am powerless; He is powerful. I begrudge; He gives grace. I am impatient, I am stubborn; He is patient. He is forgiving, He is love, He is merciful.

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