Fame, Fortune, and Glory

There’s something in the human nature that leads some, if not most, of us to seek out fame, fortune, and/or glory. We see that as being the pinnacle of success. We hold up others in the entertainment industry or the sports industry as sheer examples of that which we want to obtain. So much so that we want to live like they live, we want to own what they own, we want to buy what they buy, we want to look like them, and we want to emulate their lives. What they say matters, what they do matters, and we’re obsessed with them. We’ve set them up as the ultimate example and they’ve become our idols. Everywhere our self-appointed idols go people follow them in throngs, they fawn over them, they cater to them, they adore them. And the idol gets gratified. The one who has become the idol gets puffed up in nature, after all they are great, they are adored, and they can do no wrong.

However, since none of us are perfect, at some point in time, we all do something wrong, something that is contrary to the way God wants us to live. So when the idol does do something wrong then what happens? They deflect, they blame others. After all they’ve been up on the pedestal so long and people have adored them so long that they lose any objectiveness that they had before they became famous, before they had power.

We find that many over the ages have fallen victim to that trap, and I admit I am at times one of those people who get wrapped up in these types of circumstances. After all this is the way the world works. We see, we want, we manipulate, we take, we covet, and then we deflect and place blame. What most of us don’t often do is stop to understand the condition of our heart, and therefore we ourselves are to blame. We pass off our actions, we make excuses, we don’t want to face that we are weak in nature, nor do we want others to label us as being weak and ineffective. But, I believe deep down we all know that we are guilty, we are to blame. And some of us will do anything to deny our guilt. To get off of the hook, we may even go so far as to offer half-hearted apologies that only express regret, but not repentance (you know those kind of I’m sorry I got caught apologies).

As with most things that are the way of the world, these kinds of actions are contrary to the way that God wants us to live. We are to be humble, we are to sacrifice, we are to help others, we are to give the glory to God, we are to reflect His nature. We cannot do that if we don’t face the truth. And that truth is that God has a different standard, He knows us better than we know ourselves. We may be able to fool ourselves and others, but we cannot fool God.

While I cannot speak for you, I don’t want to fool myself, and I certainly don’t want to fool God. I am called to be God’s child, his own beloved daughter. As such I am called to a higher standard; as Christians we all are called to His standard. He holds the whole world in His hands. He’s my celebrity, He’s my idol, He’s the one to whom I want to swear my allegiance. I can, and desire to, spend the rest of my life chasing after Him. I don’t have to put Him up on the pedestal, because that’s rightfully where He belongs, and He will never fall off. What’s my part in all of this? I can do my small part in bringing God into others lives, by my words and actions. I can point to God’s glory in all things. I can plant a seed.

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