Any Road Will Do

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” This rather well-known saying comes from either Lewis Carroll or George Harrison (depending upon which source that you believe). Now being that we travel in a truck for a living, this saying could be very near and dear to my husband … More Any Road Will Do

Godly Wisdom

A few weeks ago, I listened to the talk Grace Driven Wisdom from First 5’s Whitney Capps and Wendy Blight. In this brief video there was an insight into wisdom that I’ve never internalized before, a teaching on wisdom from James chapter 3 that made things ever so much clearer. First the two types of … More Godly Wisdom

Sowing the Seed

I think that perhaps I’m a little on the dense side. Sometimes, well actually often, it can take a long time before something totally sinks into my mind. It doesn’t matter if it’s little things or big things. Such as the other night, as my husband and I were sitting at the kitchen table with … More Sowing the Seed

Feed My Sheep

In Northern Alabama there is a little town called Falkville, the 2010 census reports that this little place has a population of under 1,300 people. Yet, mighty things are taking place in this little town that most people have not heard of. That’s where our friend has a ministry that started out from the hearts … More Feed My Sheep